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Keeping Up With The Kardashian Jenner Empire: The Future Of Safely, SKIMS & Good American

So we all know Chrissy has been dropped so now it’s just Kris and Emma Grede. A recent WWD article covering Emma did reveal Safely will be launching in a national retailer soon. This does gives me hope for the future of the brand. Safely is plant powered cleaning and these days everyone is on the hunt for the sustainable, eco-friendly or plant based alternative to what’s already out there.

Safely’s pricing is on the higher end probably due to higher manufacturing costs and the fact that many brands charge more for plant based products because they can. So it definitely needs to be a more high end home goods retailer where people who go there are willing to spend the extra $$$. Many people may not feel good about ordering cleaning products online or having to pay shipping so I think people who were intrigued but didn’t purchase right at launch may order via the retailer and they have a new audience/customer base.

Retail has been proven to help Kardashian Jenner brands. SKIMS had the biggest launch day in terms of sales in Nordstrom history and they made millions off of their pop-up store. GA distanced itself away from Khloe due to retail and influencer marketing. Kylie Cosmetics made tens of millions when they first debuted at Nordstrom.